It’s your life, are you really living it?



Photo of Lucy White smiling. I have long brown hair and glasses. I'm wearing a pale green flowered shirtI’m Lucy White. I work with people who are outwardly doing well but secretly aren’t feeling it. I help them figure out what needs to change so that they can once again love their lives. Does this sound familiar?

Perhaps you are feeling the need to make immediate changes, to find more alignment with your true inner values. Or perhaps you simply want more space, calm, or satisfaction with your life, but don’t know where to start.

You’re in the right place. I can help with support, encouragement, and accountability. Ready to start? 


Individual Coaching

At some point, you have a light bulb moment.

Your life is fine, it’s just not what you dreamed it would be. Things are off—job, relationships, or creative life—they aren’t working anymore. You have a growing sense of discomfort that you can’t ignore any longer. It’s time to make some changes. And, to live the life you really want, you have to take that first step.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

I will support you to find your path. We will work together to unearth your personal values and uncover inner barriers and beliefs that have limited your potential. You will choose goals and actions in alignment with who you are and the life you desire. And, I offer accountability to bolster you along the way.

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Mental Fitness

Like our bodies need activity to keep physically fit, our minds can also benefit from a workout.

My Mental Fitness Programs identify your strongest inner Saboteurs and teach you how to tap into your Sage wisdom by strengthening your emotional self-command.

As a certified Mental Fitness Coach, have partnered with Positive Intelligence to offer customized versions of the program especially for my clients.

Make a commitment now to grow your mental fitness.


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There are not enough great things I can say about Lucy White, my life coach. Patient, supportive, funny, and a subtle motivator. Since I have been meeting with Lucy over the last year my life has changed and I am in a much more positive place. –Jillian B