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The Calm Confident Nonprofit Leader Program


Reduce Stress and Self-Doubt in Only 8 Weeks

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Working in the nonprofit sector can be hard—long hours, stagnant pay, limited resources, and ongoing demand for more and better programs and services—all take their toll.
If you’re a nonprofit leader, you can add complex board and volunteer management issues, balancing competing priorities, and isolation.
As a veteran nonprofit leader, I can attest to the worn-down feeling and self-doubt that can accompany the day-to-day stress of running a nonprofit organization.
But you don’t have to feel stressed, burnt-out, or overwhelmed.
The Calm Confident Nonprofit Leader program is tailored for nonprofit leaders and the specific challenges you face.

Rewire your brain in only 8 weeks

Imagine going into work feeling happy and confident knowing that throughout the day, you’ll be productive and fulfilled.
Then imagine leaving on-time with energy left to really enjoy your leisure time with friends, family, or your favourite hobby.
The Calm Confident Nonprofit Leader program will rewire your brain and reshape your life. You’ll discover your inner saboteurs and how they cause stress and doubt. You’ll strengthen your powers of empathy, exploration, innovation, navigation and activation so you can be confident your actions are having the impact you want for your organization and yourself.
You’ll learn how to take action to move you confidently and happily towards the life you desire.

What is it?

The Calm Confident Nonprofit Leader is a content-rich program of weekly videos, daily exercises using the Mental Fitness app, weekly check-ins with your cohort and 1:1 coaching. You’ll learn the framework and tools to manage stress and be more productive in 8 weeks.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the action items, practice 15-minutes a day with the provided app. Ask questions in the weekly check-in and dive deeper in 1:1 coaching. Follow the process and you’ll get results.

The Calm Confident Nonprofit Leader program is for anyone who wants to be more confident while also feeling calmer, clearer, and more productive. This program is designed with nonprofit leaders in mind–we’ll focus on the particular environment and pressures of nonprofit leadership that lead to self-doubt and burnout.

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