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Some stress is inevitable and normal.


But constant, overwhelming stress causes physical, mental, and emotional distress.


Do your stress levels exceed your ability to cope?


Do you:

⇒ have problems sleeping?

⇒ struggle to focus and be productive?

⇒ judge others or get irritable and angry at little things?

⇒ feel anxious or can’t stop worrying?

⇒ go over and over your work so it’s “perfect”

⇒ feel stuck in a downward spiral?

What if I told you it is possible to SHIFT from stressed out to calm, happy and focused? 


In Bust Stress: Mental Fitness Boot Camp, you’ll learn to reduce your stress and feel positive changes in all spheres of your life.


You’ll learn new habits and tools that will help you stop negative feelings and start feeling mentally stronger. 


You’ll feel calmer, more fulfilled and happier in your work and personal life. 

What is the Bust Stress: Mental Fitness Boot Camp?

Bust Stress: Mental Fitness Boot Camp is a quick intensive program to rewire your brain, reduce stress, and reshape your life.


It is a content-rich program of weekly videos, daily exercises using the Mental Fitness app, weekly check-ins with your Mental Fitness cohort and 1:1 coaching.


You’ll learn the framework and tools to be happier and more productive in 2 months.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the action items, practice 15-minutes a day with the provided app.


Ask questions in the weekly check-in and dive deeper in 1:1 coaching.


Follow the process and you’ll get results.

Program Outline
Daily practice

You’ll practice 15 minutes a day guided by the Mental Fitness app to establish mental muscles (neural pathways).


The short customized exercises are only 2 minutes each to fit busy schedules.

Weekly Focus

Weekly hour-long videos deliver deep experiential exploration of the week’s focus and support your daily practice during the week.


Week 1 Orientation

Goal Setting

Building Self-Command and How it Helps

Week 2 The Judge: Stress Ringleader and Lead Saboteur
Week 3 9 Saboteur Accomplices
Week 4 Sage Perspective: Relieve Your Stress with Inner Wisdom
Week 5 Sage Powers: Focus on Empathize
Week 6 More Sage Powers: Explore, Innovate, Navigate, Activate
Coaching SUPPORT

Individual and small group coaching sessions deepen and sustain your learning.


Weekly group coaching sessions provide you with peer support, accountability, and are facilitated by Lucy. 


In addition, a 1:1 coaching session with Lucy is an opportunity to address individual concerns and questions and to celebrate your achievements in the program.


Pricing is kept accessible with nonprofit budgets in mind.


Ask about special pricing for nonprofit/charity groups and teams.


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Contact me with any questions or comments about Mental Fitness, this program or individual coaching with me.