Change is the Only Constant


Person looking at map, Lucy White Consulting

Change is the Only Constant

It’s a hackneyed phrase for sure. But that doesn’t make it wrong. 

Here in Ontario, budget cuts, elimination of needed programs and supports in health, the environment, and now arts and culture, are putting added pressure on already pressured non-profit leaders. It’s hard to know which way to turn.

Today the Ontario Arts Council announced budget cuts which will add to the stress our arts and culture leaders experience day-to-day. 

I’ve recently completed the Co-Active Coach Training Program and I’m ever more convinced of the benefits of coaching especially when the sector is rapidly changing around us. This is an ideal time to add to your personal or organizational resources. 34% of people seeking out coaching want to improve their work/life balance. The same number want to increase their self-confidence. Coaching helps you to generate pathways that work for you. 

I have space for two new clients at the moment. If you’re curious about coaching, give me a call or send me an email.