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The light returns and other happy thoughts

The light returns and other happy thoughts

Winter solstice is today and, at last, the light returns!As a dear friend says, one of the benefits of getting older is that winter goes by so much faster than it used to. Still, knowing the sun is on the return has to be one of the year’s happiest thoughts.

Many of us like to mark the turning of the year by taking a pause from every day busyness. We prioritize time with friends and family, quiet activities like reading and listening to music, and enjoying walks, crosswords, and board games.
I also love reading all the new best-of lists. I’m going to swipe an idea here from Melissa Kirsch who delights in people’s highly subjective and specific lists with no category being too idiosyncratic. 
My best-of list for 2022 has to include:

  • Recipe:  A terrific and easy recipe for squash and sausage pasta (so good!)
  • Gig:  Participating in a multimedia art installation. Mostly my role was buying the late-night Twizzlers but still, what a privilege.
  • Head smack:  Learning that exactly my kind of gym is just across the street(!) and actually going (yay, me!)
  • Leaving my comfort zone:  Recording a podcast for Arts Consultants Canada
  • Travel:  Crossing the Arctic Watershed for the first time. Surprisingly moving.
  • Animal:  Loons, loon calls, loon chicks; on my best-of list every year.
  • Professional development:  Becoming a Certified Mental Fitness Coach
  • Creative:  Finally finishing two socks. I hesitate to call any two things so mismatched a pair
    I was this old:  Winter cocktails! Dark ‘n Stormies Why did no one tell me?
    Person:  My clients, colleagues, friends, and family–definitely an idiosyncratic bunch–scrappy, brave, quirky and funny.

I’d love to hear what is on your best-of list this year! Hit Reply and let me know.
With gratitude

It has been a privilege to be in your inbox this year. I’m genuinely thrilled when I see that someone has opened my emails. Inboxes everywhere are too full and I’m so very appreciative of the time and attention you give to my thoughts. Thank you!
I wish you warmth, light, and love in the year ahead.